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*Power…control…obedience…I want it.  you will do as I say.  I don’t care about your wants or needs.  you no longer have the right to agree or disagree.  Anything I desire, you’ll do.  If you question Me, you’ll be punished.  If you don’t do what I say, you’ll be punished.  you no longer have a safe word.  you are not My equal.  Oh…and you cannot leave unless I release you.*

Consensual Non-Consent (CNC) is a controversial topic.  Everyone has a view point and they are all valid.  This type of dynamic isn’t for everyone.  Why do people use it?  Why isn’t it right for some?  Does it really remove consent?

Myths about CNC:

-CNC is the ONLY way to conduct a true M/s dynamic

-CNC is for predatory Tops and naive bottoms

-CNC is not RACK

In this class, we will explore Consensual Non-Consent.  What it is, what it could be, and how it can be a powerful tool.  We will also discuss some of the dangers of CNC.  We will demonstrate how it can work in various dynamics and situations.  We will explore the difficulties and adjustments in switching from a consensual power dynamic to a CNC dynamic.

Please bring your questions, concerns and an open mind as we explore this topic!

About the Presenter:

Mistress Nerissa enjoys exploring BDSM. Each year seems to bring something new and exciting to her life which she embraces with enthusiasm. When she is not living her very active life, she is a co-owner of The Kink Factory and enjoys making fun, sensual and sadistic BDSM tools for everyone to enjoy.

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Consent for Kink Workshop with Yana Tallon-Hicks! (Northampton Discussion Munch)

This month we have something super awesome and special planned.

 We are bringing in the really cool local sex educator Yana Tallon-Hicks to do an interactive workshop and discussion on Consent and Kink!

 Yana is a paid speaker, being brought to you out of love by @AgreeableAgony and the Northampton Rope Group!

Anyone who is able to make donations to help offset the cost of bringing in awesome outside speakers is encouraged to donate. Donations are NOT required, but would be greatly appreciated so that we can make this happen again!

 Workshop Description:

 This workshop links intentional, consensual communication to greater sexual pleasure. Oftentimes the command “practice consent!” can seem like a tired directive, with little attention paid to how actively practicing consent leads to better communication and therefore greater sexual and intimate pleasure and connection.

 Through role plays, worksheets, brainstorms, and discussion, this interactive presentation gets participants practicing the skills necessary to bring consent out of this workshop and into their real-life romantic, intimate, and sexual relationships.

 Questions answered in this workshop include:

  •  What does good consent actually look like?
  • What words do I use?
  • What does that do for my partner?
  • What does that do for me?
  • How do I say no?
  • How do I accept a no gracefully?
  • How does becoming informed about communicative consent lead to greater pleasure?

Speaker Bio:

 Yana Tallon-Hicks is a consent, sex & sexuality writer and educator living in Northampton, MA. Her work centers around the belief that pleasure-positive & consent-based sex education can positively impact our lives and the world.

 Yana’s workshops about sexual pleasure, communication & consent are taught at colleges, high schools, and sex toy shops all over New England. She currently practices Couples Therapy as an MFT Graduate Student Therapist at the Couples Center of the Pioneer Valley in Northampton where she works with dyads from the poly, queer & kink communities.

 Read more about Yana & her work here, where you can also read her sex advice column, The V-Spot, found weekly in the Valley Advocate, follow her on Instagram & Twitter, and watch her TEDxTalk: Is the Porn Brain Our New Sex Educator?.

 Bring your own questions/thoughts/ideas! If you want to ask an anonymous question please feel free to message the Organizer (lazy-ninja)

Location & Parking info! Please Read1

 We will be meeting at the Platform Sports Bar (in Union Station) This month. They have a private room for us where we can hopefully have actual discussions/presenters.

 125A Pleasant St, Northampton, MA 01060

 We are in the private room in the back. Or Just come in and speak to the host inside — ask for WMPE


 The Union Station/Platform Grill lot can be parked in for $5. That $5 will be fully applied toward your bill if you get food or drink at the event. So parking is FREE! — Bring cash.

 If you have any questions or concerns about attending a munch, or just want to talk to someone about it first — I am happy to chat with people who have not been to a munch before to try and connect them up with local munch goers, or just allay fears. — Send a message to Me – Lazy-ninja on Fetlife


 POC, queer/trans, differently-abled, anyone, everyone, and then some especially welcome.

“Check your [bull]shit at the door and let the rainbow roll in”

 Sometimes we go out for drinks or ice cream afterward. We are just awesome like that.

APEX Phoenix, AZ: The Taboo M/s Dynamic – Consensual Non-Consent

Consensual non-consent in M/s dynamics has long been known as the edgeplay of M/s.  Until recently, it was primarily viewed as a relationship dynamic, but is now also being used as a form of play. Even among the M/s community, consensual non-consent is often considered taboo, and leaves people with concerns of abuse. It is hard to give a single definition, as most CNC dynamics are as individual as the people within them. Many people who practice CNC within their dynamic tend to keep to themselves because of a lack of public understanding, which increases the idea that it may be abusive. What is CNC and how does one create consent within it? What does consent look like within CNC? And how do you begin to negotiate a CNC relationship? Learn how CNC is often defined and negotiated, as well as how it works as a daily, 24/7 way of living.

About Cheryl:
Cheryl has been involved in the public BDSM community since 2003. She has a passion for leading submissive discussions and mentoring new submissives. She is proud to have served as past President of Arizona girls of Leather, as a Board member of Phoenix Area Lifestyle Society, and is currently a member of Women in Leather International. She is also a member of Arizona Power Exchange, Masters and slaves Together (MasT) – Phoenix, Phoenix Area Lifestyle Society, and are supporting members of National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

If there is a subject that you are interested in seeing or teaching, please email Mondays@ArizonaPowerExchange.org.


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