CA-VOM: Consent Edition!

Cabaret Audacity Presents: CA-VOM!

The Cabaret Audcacity Show & Vaudeville Open-Mic Monthly at the SIDEWINDERS BAR Cabaret Theater VOM every third Wednesday in 2017!

Consent Month Edition in support of National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF)!

Hone your skills as a #dancer, #singer, #standup #comedian, #musician, #cabaret act, #performance artist, #juggler, #magician, #sideshow act, #burlesque dancer, and more at the Vaudeville Open Mic!

Already an established performer? Come and work out your new material monthly at the VOM!

Scheduled during the week so as not to conflict with your other shows, we’re giving you the opportunity to work on a real stage with your peers and a supportive audience.

Join our audience to see the newest acts and newest performers every month!

Hosted by Julian Addams Wolf and Ninjet, members of Cabaret Audacity and run by Audacious Productions.

With vendor extraordiarre Fia Loza.

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– Performance slots are approximately five minutes. – Know you’re interested? Let us know!

Suggested $5 donation for everyone, and please support our home bar. They serve fabulous drinks, with and without alcohol. 21+, feel free to invite anyone that might be interested.

CITY; Albuquerque

State: NM

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Producer: Audacious Productions


APEX helped the NCSF create Consent Month because consent is the most important thing we do. APEX has a Code of Conduct, some etiquette and rules, but our culture relies on people to draw good boundaries and be willing to speak up about consent. Are we, as a club, doing enough? Could we be doing more? How to we further enforce the consent culture at APEX.

We will discuss consent at APEX and how it applies to our membership. All members are welcome. There is no charge for this class, but it is important to bring all of your great ideas, and think about how we can further our own culture to make APEX the greatest example of consent culture in the country!

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No Charge

Consent Summit in NYC

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom’s Consent Summit is an all-day event of workshops and discussions on consent in New York City. Attitudes are changing about consent, and it’s time to join in the conversation. Consent and the law, consent in power exchange relationships, and dealing with consent incidents–you can’t have sexual freedom without consent!


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Producer: National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and The Eulenspiegel Society (TES)


Consent is the most important thing that we do. We worked on our skills a bit in the 101, but now is our opportunity to handle casual or pick-up play in a mindful way to make sure we have enthusiastic, informed consent. Join us to learn about some techniques you can put in the tool box that will help you handle casual play in a more confident way!

Preparty Workshops are designed to teach you some skills you can use tonight at the party! A fun and interactive environment where we can all sharpen our skills together! This is not a classroom environment-no lectures here! These are interactive and high energy sessions so you can get ready to party!

The Preparty Workshop is FREE for All Access Members, and included with your party fee for our Pay Per Event Members. The Workshop alone for our Pay Per Event Members is $6.00


You must be an APEX (or reciprocal) member in order to attend an APEX party. This is legal stuff, sorry all! You can learn more about being a Member of the Arizona Power Exchange on our Membership Page.


As you know, APEX sponsors consent month. Every year there is a consent-themed photo contest.

Tonight, photographs will be allowed in the Dungeon to take Consent-Month themed photos and they can be loaded directly into the Consent Month photo contest!

In addition to the contest, if an APEX member wins the Consent Month contest, we will use that photograph for next year’s promotional material!

Join us at APEX from 7-9pm for consent themed photographs.

Note: No nudity may appear in these photographs. Everyone present must sign off on the photo rules and a release.

Consent MUST be obtained to photograph someone.

Don’t have a photographer? No problem, a staff photographer will be present to capture the image!


This event is intended for adults over 18 years old, and will have adult content that may be offensive. Please do not attend this event if you are offended by adult subjects, nudity, and adult language.


Bloodborne pathogens are infectious microorganisms in human blood that can cause disease in humans. These pathogens include, but are not limited to, hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Doing many types of play could put you and your partner(s) at risk for Bloodborne pathogens. Learn what they are, how they are transmitted, how to prevent them in various kinds of play, what to do when accidents happen, and what to do if you are exposed.

In this class you will learn:

  • What are bloodborne pathogens and how they are transmitted
  • How to protect yourself and your partner(s) from exposure during various kinds of play
  • How to negotiate consent around the issue of bloodborne pathogens
  • What to do when you are potentially exposed

Archer and Tess will facillitate and both hold various BBP certifications from various organizations such as OSHA, The Red Cross, and the Arizona Department of Health, and the National Safety Council (green cross).


Continue your Education with the APEX 303’s. The APEX 303 is designed to provide an advanced education on various topics. Everyone is welcome.

For this month’s topic and details, please keep an eye on the APEX Group on or on our website at:

For questions please email:
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*Power…control…obedience…I want it.  you will do as I say.  I don’t care about your wants or needs.  you no longer have the right to agree or disagree.  Anything I desire, you’ll do.  If you question Me, you’ll be punished.  If you don’t do what I say, you’ll be punished.  you no longer have a safe word.  you are not My equal.  Oh…and you cannot leave unless I release you.*

Consensual Non-Consent (CNC) is a controversial topic.  Everyone has a view point and they are all valid.  This type of dynamic isn’t for everyone.  Why do people use it?  Why isn’t it right for some?  Does it really remove consent?

Myths about CNC:

-CNC is the ONLY way to conduct a true M/s dynamic

-CNC is for predatory Tops and naive bottoms

-CNC is not RACK

In this class, we will explore Consensual Non-Consent.  What it is, what it could be, and how it can be a powerful tool.  We will also discuss some of the dangers of CNC.  We will demonstrate how it can work in various dynamics and situations.  We will explore the difficulties and adjustments in switching from a consensual power dynamic to a CNC dynamic.

Please bring your questions, concerns and an open mind as we explore this topic!

About the Presenter:

Mistress Nerissa enjoys exploring BDSM. Each year seems to bring something new and exciting to her life which she embraces with enthusiasm. When she is not living her very active life, she is a co-owner of The Kink Factory and enjoys making fun, sensual and sadistic BDSM tools for everyone to enjoy.

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$6.00 for Pay Per Event Members, FREE for ALL Access Members.

*Occasionally we will do a class that is open to the entire adult community as a service. Please look for these with the note “Open to our entire 18+ Community”.*

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Lifestyle folks sometimes seem to speak another language. What works in the vanilla world is sometimes demonized in the the lifestyle. Before you know it someone thinks you are disrespectful or predatory when you were just trying to say “hello”. How do you approach people? How do you ask someone to play? How do you effectively negotiate when you don’t have years of experience? Learn some tools to help you navigate the lifestyle language to include: How to approach someone and introduce yourself, avoiding the landmines of negotiation, a working vocabulary of the BDSM alphabet soup, and other effective communication tools.

You will get to see some role played negotiations for some real-life models to help you with the vocabulary to communicate boundaries/limits/wants. You will also get some real-world information on the different ways a negotiation can be structured so you can choose the method most comfortable for you.

The APEX 101 series is an introduction to specific skills. Come learn the basics of these skills. These classes are for beginners, those new to a particular kind of play, or someone wanting a ‘sampling’ of the possibilities and intended to make you comfortable with the general premise of the chosen fetish. Keep your eyes open for the APEX 202 class on your favorite subjects!

The APEX 101 series is designed to be a fun and interactive environment. You will get an overview of the evening, and then you can spend your time learning about the things you are interested in! This is an opportunity to ask questions, see up close how things work and in some cases even try those things!

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$6.00 for Pay Per Event Members, and members of the Community, FREE for ALL Access Members.

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Consent is so important to our culture, and often gets overlooked when discussing Master/slave dynamics. Can you have a dynamic in obedience and have consent??

We have been asked to discuss how we show consent in our dynamic, and how different dynamics practice consent, what is important when you give consent and what consent really means.

Views on consent range from consensual non-consent to constant check-ins. Today we will discuss what consent can mean to a Master/slave dynamic, and why consent is important.

Master Dennis and slave bonnie

Arizona Master and slave 2016

Southwest Master and slave 2017 (as of March 11, 2017)

Master Dennis and Ms. Bonnie met through the internet while he lived in San Diego and she lived in Phoenix. Master Dennis collared Ms. Bonnie 19 years ago and in, 2002, they  were married.

Later in their relationship Master Dennis realized that slave Bonnie needed an outlet for her own dominance, so Master Dennis allowed her to explore this aspect of herself, while maintaining their own Master/slave dynamic. They have had several slaves together; one was ten years within their home, slave Kia. Master Dennis gave his slave the name of Ms. Bonnie for Master/slave Bonnie, slave Bonnie is a Master to others yet she is always primarily and without a doubt, Master Dennis’ slave.

Together Master Dennis and Ms. Bonnie have an extensive extended family, the Dragon Clan, a large national family of those that hold a heart of service. The Dragon Clan credo is “Leather, Family, Service, and Spirit!” The Dragon Clan strives to assist, educate and serve their communities.

Master Dennis and Ms. Bonnie are very active in their local community; along with being active members of their local club, Arizona Power Exchange, Butchmanns Experience and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, spreading joy and education within the LGBTQ community. They have presented educational topics at APEX, Desert Dominion, Southwest Leather Conference, Sin in the City, BCD, Mensa and many more, both nationally and in Canada. Also, for the last 15 years, they spend time at local colleges with human sexuality, sociology and psychology classes to demystify who and what BDSM, Leather and Master/slave really are.

They both believe strongly in sharing the truths of their M/s lifestyle to others that are just learning or already on their paths. They model who and what they are in M/s and BDSM and desire to share that though the path can be rocky at times – it is possible with work to succeed. Their philosophy is that everyone is unique unto himself or herself and there is no “ONE TRUE WAY” to do things; there is being safe as possible, consensual with all actions, and being mindful in one’s intent. They are looking forward to learning more and sharing with others as they progress on their journey!

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State of Consent with Susan Wright @ APEX

Consent has taken center stage in national conversations, but how can we help move beyond sound bytes and buzzwords to create real change? Come explore consent and the movements for social change that are fighting against sexual violence to this day. Susan Wright will discuss what she’s learned about consent from her 25 years experience with BDSM advocacy, women’s rights, and victim advocacy services.

To Learn More About the NCSF visit:

To Learn More About Consent Month (Sponsored by APEX) visit:

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OPEN TO THE ENTIRE 18+ Community*

In honor of Consent Month, we are opening several classes to the entire 18+ Community in order to bring consent topics to as many people as possible.

$6.00 for Pay Per Event Members, FREE for ALL Access Members.

*Occasionally we will do a class that is open to the entire adult community as a service. Please look for these with the note “Open to our entire 18+ Community”.*

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Taking A Positive Approach to Consent